Our Offering

iPad “3” (third generation)

new iPad

the new iPad

We can supply new iPad (3rd generation) units to airlines in quantities from 20 to 2,000. Our iPads come with extended Apple Care. Depending on the requirements of each airline, we can pick the iPad model and capacity that’s right for the job.

We can also provide high quality iPad cases, including custom airline livery. For longer flying times or where turn-around times are tight, we also have battery solutions on hand.

Content Service Provision

Most importantly, our multi-layed security approach means that we have Early Window Hollywood approval.

The iPad’s screen is gorgeous for watching movies and TV, but that’s not all its good at. The iPad is a fantastic gaming device, with smash hits like Angry Birds and Flight Control HD proving to be a massive hits on-board. Music and books add to the package, making the iPad the most comprehensive entertainment platform in the sky.

Technology Support Platform

At Project Lambda, we have taken a great effort to build the systems needed to support large deployments of iPads in an aviation environment. When iPads are returned to their Charge+Sync Hub, we can remotely manage many aspects of the device, as well as update the content on device.